Friday, May 21, 2010

little love story #2

(December 21st, 2006)

It was another Sunday..finally, another off day for them. They have been attending wednesday masses at St. Jude but they haven’t heard a Sunday mass together before. They were out saturday night but had promised to go to mass the Sunday no matter what..

He woke up earlier, as usual that when she greeted her good morning the SMS way (and it makes her day so right), he has already dressed up. No much time for picking her up, so they decided to meet at the church instead. Always excited to see soon as the cab parked at the holy premises of St. Paul, there he was waiting for her with a smile on his face as the sun’s rays streaked at him, beaming the fa├žade of the guy she fell in love with.

He held her hand…and led her inside the church. She was used to sitting at the rear portion of the church with her family but this time, she was led by him instead at the center benches fronting the altar…

All her life she has always been adventurous in learning a lot of things ..a lot about life. She has always been very vocal to her friends about sign languaging ..and has always vowed that after all the exams her profession requires her, she will undergo training on sign languages…

She has been aware of his knowledge about sign languages.. it added more substance to his personality, she thought.

Then her thoughts were halted when the singing of bells filled the whole place…the mass is starting. As she opened my mouth to sing the entrance hymn, togther with all who were inside the church…..he started singing also… and to her amazement., he was moving all his upper limbs …practically doing in gestures what everyone he was singing…HE WAS SIGN LANGUAGING..

Then she looked at the other person beside her..she was doing the same thing without uttering the words…so was the person at her back and infront of her. And then she realized..they were actually seated at a very special place in the church….it was the benches assigned to the deaf and mute…and then she was in awe knowing the her boyfriend knew more than she actually thought on sign languages…

Then at after the gospel…as everyone stood up to sing another holy hymn …he stood up…and then suddenly, he went up front the altar near the priest to practically, translate it for the deaf and mute…

And her vision zeroed in to him as fast as her thought filled her…she felt very proud… she felt happy knowing that the interest she had in mind doing was actually what he was practicing for a long time.. and even if he didn’t sit beside her much or went with her during communion… it didn’t matter…

It was a new experience for her…being able to actually be there. She told him…when she thought that she felt so belonged in almost all groups or places she went to…she never thought there would be one place where she would feel left out….it was there.

After the mass, she gave him a quick kiss…and told him of the new experience…and felt soo lucky to be with somebody who shares the same passion and interest in looking and living life ….

“life is full of surprises….and among all the sudden interest that propels my mind and heart to taste and savor life…. knowing and sharing my days with him has been yet the best and most loving experience so far..”

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