I am joni marie..a nurse from Davao who enjoys blogging and writing on everything my mind dwells on. I believe at most times, we search for our own sanctuaries where we can truly express what we feel and what we think of.

I am a person full of emotions and thoughts ..my calmness exudes after my simple self-expression. I write when I am mad, i write when I am hurt..at most times when I am happy and when I find something interesting. Most of what I write is a product of my own feelings at that particular time it was written. You might be able to identify or not..you might know the stories..and you may have been there when it happened.  If it had been dramatic, I learned with what I had and  I have grown stronger with the aftermath of these emotions. These thoughts and emotions have been all real for me, once in my life, no matter how dramatic it may have sounded.  

Life and Love has been very colorful to me. In fact,  it was too colorful. But when i look back, I smile again and this time...very thankful.

"My thoughts are my ID and my emotions are my SUPEREGO."