Villa de Mercedes


It's like paradise in here..reminded me of a little part of boracay and palawan..(my brother says it's like batangas)'s a perfect get-away for couples, friends and families...for people who would want to relax and enjoy the calmness of paradise.

The place is a 30minute ride from metro but trust me, the place is's a beautiful resort at the center of a very well crafted can just go there for a day or overnight. The food and coffee is fabulous not to mention to mention the friendly staff who is ready to assist you. 

The resort is open from mondays to sundays, 6am until 10pm. For those who would want to stay overnight, there are big huts provided for families located in a part near the resort. The place is good for children since there are amusement games and structures for them. The smell of fresh air in this place is priceless.

IT IS that i can brag about Davao.