Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas in Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls

From enjoying a Christmas dinner to a quick prep then off we went  to Hinatuan, Surigao for  the most talked about nature wonders --- Enchanted River and Tinuy-an Falls.

     It was a 5 hour drive from Davao in a Starex Van with us 10 sleeping all the time, except the driver of course. When we got there, an entrance fee of P35.00 welcomed us. And just after the cottages was the sight of the waters everyone was dying to see.

    Enchanted River  was more than a marvel. It was not exactly how I see it in images, it was MORE beautiful and breathtaking when I saw it with my two eyes.  It was too good to be true. The fishes were as clear as they are seen out of the waters and the blue color of the water was undeniably amazing to look at. It was creepy at first, but eventually the water will make you relax. Then at 10am, the fishes begin to surface on areas where there are people. You can see them around you, swimming but stagnant...eyes seem staring back at you as you look at them...they flock together waiting for something edible for them to eat though they don't harm people(well stories so far told so). At exactly 12 noon, all fishes take over the upper part of the water to eat.. people no longer enjoy that privilege in those minutes (after feeding, swimming for guests is again allowed..=) ).

Enchanted River for 2 reasons:

- many attempts to measure the depth, nobody was successful enough to do so
- in attempts to catch the fishes (fish length=my lower leg), the number caught will always be lesser than the count you expected you had

So the stories say ---- i suggest go to the waters and stare at the depth for for more than 20 seconds, and you'll understand why it's it was given that name. ^_^ *wink*                                                    

 There was an available island tour which we took around 10:30 am. The boat ride was P 160 per 5 persons and will take you to 3 places. We were taken first to a bar in the middle of the waters with the "pawikans" as their main attraction. Then we headed to a quite white-sand beach that gave a beautiful nature scene. We didn't stay long because we wanted to go back to the Enchanted River and watch the caretakers feed the creepy fishes.

     Tinuy-an Falls was a sight of beauty and dominating water power. We  went there after lunch. It was a 45 minute travel.

      The site of the  cascading falls welcomed us right away.  It was cold and very strong. We rafted near the falls..we just had to..the danger was too tempting. The raft was not allowed to go under the falls. There are available life guards, but with NO life saving devices. So safety is self-regulated, make sure you know where the ropes are in the water. Now to see the biggest falls (possible for humans to go to) has to go up a LONG way (that part I hated the most). But like they say, "you miss half of your life for things that you didn't even try enjoying.."... that time, I stopped complaining and climbed up, no matter how agonizing it seemed. When on top -- the leg aches were definitely worth it.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

4 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before Starting A Floral Business

         Being a florist and starting a floral business entails a lot of passion and dedication. Of course, imagination is the key in creating various flower arrangements, not to mention the problem of how you will market your works and to whom you will cater your services.

It is very important that you identify your target market. Once you get to do that, it will be a lot easier for you to think of a design for your flower set (example if your target market are teenagers during Valentine’s Day), then simply you’d create a picture of puppy love and teenage dreams.

If you are able to purchase sufficient resources like: selected flowers and other plants, floral materials, and minor products you fancy selling from your chosen suppliers, then it would not be so difficult for you to picture the kinds of designs you are to produce depending on the purpose of the affair.

Producing various designs out of different types of blossoms can be considered a gift- a special gift that not everyone has been lucky to have. Floral designing is art in itself and in order to perfect it, you must exercise and be familiarized with your creativeness. So if you think you have that special gift, you should treasure it and make the most out of it.

Always keep in mind that florists play an important role in people’s lives. Florists come to the rescue for persons who want to their messages delivered or their emotions and intentions expressed to the people around them through gifts like flowers. Come to think of it. They really are vital to our existence as emotional beings.

In addition to that, florists also help out in last minute preparations for many and different occasions. Sometimes people are so busy with other activities or with work that we just don't have the time to take care of everything. So now, think of it this way: if you are really fond of arranging or designing flowers and other plants, you should try starting a floral shop

You have to keep in mind that your shop must be situated in the best location convenient for your customers. If circumstances arise that you live far away from the city, do not lose hope because all you would need is a reliable internet connection and you are good to go. 


Mai Gaane is a graduating student of the University of the Philippines - Mindanao. She's a smart, vibrant  Iskolar ng Bayan with BA Commuication Arts degree among her list of achievements. Shes' a good friend who ventures into a lot of opportunities that complement her zesty personality. She has written this article in her aim to help others pursue their interests and help them in starting things right.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Pool Table: Tough Task

      A pool table can be one of the most expensive things you can acquire inside your house. Buying a pool table is really an investment. It does come with a price, thus, you shall treat your pool table worth your investment.
      First things first, you have to remember that the green felt cloth is the most fragile part of your pool table. So how do you keep it in its best condition? Clean it. The chalk and the powder do most of the destroying, generally. And for you to be able to do well in billiards, you have to use chalk and powder, so it really is almost inevitable.
     You can use a brush to clean up the dust which seeps in the felt cloth of the billiard table. There is a specific brush you can buy which is designed especially for the cloth of the billiard table. But if you are tight on budget, you can use an old soft brush to clean the cloth. But by doing this, you should realize that there is still a lot of dust that gets caught up deeper in the cloth. Using a small, low-powered vacuum would be a wise idea as long as there is no brush attached to it.
       Just like your skin, the cloth of the pool table can get damaged when exposed to the sun and the heat. Keep your pool table in a cool, dry place to lengthen its life, thus, maintaining it to its best condition.
       Moreover, keep weight off the table; do not sit on it. For one, the rubber rail cushions might pop off. Also, the legs of the table might lose its balance, thus, affecting the stature of the pool table, and your performance on billiards all in all.
       Just follow these simple tips on cleaning and maintaining your pool table, and you’ll surely keep it working on its best condition for the longest time.