Friday, September 30, 2011

Cafe Demitasse means Good Customer Service

       We prepared a surprise birthday bash for my friends, Haidee and Eden, last week.  We chose Cafe Demitasse since  the place is not far from my workplace and to where my friends live. It's located along Torres Street, where most people wanting to relax meet.

    Best in Customer Service. I would have to say that again and again. The staff attended to my  needs even before I asked them to.When I told them that I was going to pull a surprise party that same day I came, they suggested a lot of things right away. They showed me the 2 rooms they have upstairs which can be used exclusively. One room can accomodate 10-15 guests for P 1,500. The other room is bigger and can accommodate 25 persons which can be used for P2,500. The rates are consumable and good for 2 hours. An extra P 500 fee  per hour will be charged for excess hours. There's an open terrace for those who want to breathe fresh air which can accommodate 10 persons .

           I gave my instructions to the staff and the waiters. I have to make sure that the celebrants won't have a hint of what's for them. I did not sense any hesitation on their part as I wanted the food prepared on room upstairs before the celebrants arrive. I had to come earlier to set the place up with posters and balloons. The rest of my friends were joining the ceremonies held at our workplace. We were joining the installation rites of our new company president. The need to relax after that event   was enough to lure our celebrants to the coffee shoppe.

          We love coffee and Cafe Demitasse offers a wide variety of  hot, iced or blended coffee. They also have juices, smoothies and other drinks. Their cakes  are mouth watering and even their meals are tasteful . The prices are very reasonable so it's going to fit our budget.  It's a  perfect place for people who craves a lot of chocolates, pasta, cheese and wants to enjoy a quiet and relaxing place at the same time.
        The celebrants had the surprise of their lives as soon as they came. I had to thank the waiters for helping out and laughing with me while preparing. They wanted to even sing for our celebrants!  I am glad that we chose this place for the surprise gimmick. I am glad that my friends liked the place too.

         I am so overwhelmed that I would recommend a visit to this place.

(Pictures of the coffee shop was taken from its Facebook Page)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Fabulous photos by Instagram

I am loving the latest photo application on my iphone. This is Instagram. And it turns my photos into a fabulous canvass or work of art.

I am no model but Instagram just made me one. Nice!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GCaFe and Closing In

Well there is a new Coffee shop in town, it's G Cafe. Well not exactly new but it has broken the habit of people going to the coffee shop at Starmart Ecoland . 

The Coffee shop gives a homy atmosphere considering it's large space. I am loving the color because it's pink. But seriously, the cafe  has so much space that order of things won't be a problem. There are table and chairs placed also outside for smokers or simply those who want fresh air. There's an LCD TV at the center which makes me think that games or events can be watched here together with the rest of the customers.   It opens from 8am until 1:00 in the morning during weekdays and 2:00am on weekends.

It serves the usual coffee other coffee shops serve . I am more of a frappe lover and yesterday they introduced a new set of frappe. I ordered a cheesecake frappe while my friend had the all-time favorite Mocha. Their range of prices are the same with the other coffee shops, affordable.  Too bad that I wasn't hungry that time, I could have tried their meals. 

It's not going to be another boring night since there's a new kid on the block.I bet.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bring out the WOLVES

Davao Doctors College celebrates its foundation week. Earlier, the festivities for the intramurals already started. My team this year is SILVER WOLVES together with the faculty and staff of the Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy Department.

I miss the old team, Blue Phoenix. I missed the fact that it belonged to those under the Nursing Department. I missed  bearing stress and celebrating success with fellow nurses.

Yet, this new team offers a new perspective. It means unity and respect to another set of professionals. It is bridging and connecting ties with another group whom we can actually be friends. It is appreciating the need to adjust to people in order to meet a goal. It teaches us to set aside our differences and enjoy the need to unite for success. It teaches us the value of relying and trusting each other to be able to move forward. This time, the loyalty is not only for the angels in the sickroom but for those who also work to make the angels stronger.

I still smell the aggressiveness and the drive to win in every athlete. I smell the spirit of sportsmanship and healthy competition. I have to let go of the past and take in the new. It may not be close to what we had but the heart of nurse warriors are the same. They are even stronger with the new jerseys and new team mates.

I will miss saying "SOAR HIGH BLUE PHOENIX!!!".... now I am head high shouting .." WE ARE THE SILVER WOLVES and WE HOWL ! "

Monday, September 19, 2011

UP reigns supreme in UAAP Cheerdance

And the "Iskolars ng Bayan" reign supreme again!! This time it's not just in the classrooms, but on the dancefloor and out in the open. I am so proud to be an alumnus of  the University of the Philippines even if I  did not get to see the Cheerdance competition for real

The UP Pep Squad is this year's Champion  retaining the title last year. We're still keeping this for a long time, I bet!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Angry Birds all over town

Posted by Picasa I went to DCLA today, it's a place where items are sold at very low prices. I couldn't resist going there as I drove my dad to work. To my surprise, almost all items had angry birds design on it.

It's my favorite game in my iphone. It seemed simple at first but really, you have to think of correct angles to be able to finish one game and go one level up. It's addicting and I found these birds real cute that I bought a lot of pillows of them. To my surprise, there are a lot of items designed with Angry Birds. My eyes sparkled at the sight of them wishing I could buy them all.  ^_^

Sweet and Cheezy

Me and my friends went swimming earlier. It has been long since I had a dip with them. I had been making myself available to my partner for the last 3 months that I didn't make any plans with these friends. I couldn't make plans because spending time with Ryan was like a lottery -- you have opportunities but it's stroke of luck that gives you that chance. It left me no best option but to make myself free and available as much as possible.

I cooked spaghetti for them, especially to Maypril's daughter Z. I like it just like Filipino kids like it --  sweet and with hotdogs. I never outgrew how spaghetti's tasted when I was young. Today, I cooked again and I added a lot of ground pork and bacon to really make it more delicious. I don't content myself using only spaghetti sauces, I have to add tomato paste still. I was tempted to separate the pasta from the spaghetti sauce like my friends do but the moment I smelled the cheese melting with the sauce, I couldn't stop myself from pouring it over the pasta.

I like a little salty flavor in it like some friends do but for today, I wanted it sweet and with lots of cheese. I liked it and it made me happy. Like they say, how one feels when cooking reflects on the taste of what she cooks. My spaghetti was a hit today.

The pool was also so nice. My friend Petite lives in Magallanes Residences, a newly built condominium in Davao. It was elegant, quite, and very relaxing.

 I cooked well today and made chocolate lollipops. I swam with friends. I still do miss him but I know it's mutual. I am one happy woman and today is one great Sunday.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Loving across Distance

I am going to miss the guy who had made me laugh in many ways. Yesterday, we were on using  Skype and even there, I could barely breathe while laughing with him. I have a lot of stories to tell during his stay here but I just have to find time to write. The emotions will definitely  keep pouring the moment I start blogging, then I  will forget time.

The distance between him and me  is not new . This set-up was just like before. But the odds are harder now, since I now believe that I have found someone worth being with beyond horizons. As much as I am being tough with this, the challenges seem  up and ready for us as well.

A simple thought makes me push up against these odds -- "If it remains to make my heart smile and give me peace then I am in the right place."