Friday, May 21, 2010

little love story # 1…

(October 12th, 2006)

.it was sunday afternoon…when she went to his place after a family affair hoping to go out for a movie since it has been 3 days since they haven’t seen each other….

….there he was, still sleepy …an aura of no plans of getting out of his place and tire his feet in the streets..she thought, "well , so long as i’m with him…."

then after few of hours of practically cuddling each other, he said "why don’t we go upstairs…" (an open balcony is upstairs…)…so they went holding her hand..making sure she steps on the stairs safely..

..then they sat on the chair with the view of the city…it was almost sunset..then he went downstairs..she was left alone wondering if there would be a chance to actually go out for a movie again..or a drink..or anything else…

…but as her head raised and her brows she turned around, she saw him with a tray of food (it was almost dinner time..she just realized)….walked towards her with a sweet grin on his face…loving the surprise look on her face… the tray is laid on the the table, he started setting the table….making sure that I eat well..

…he stepped a little…then she heard the lines a a very familiar song

"..been running from this feeling for so long..

telling my heart i didn’t need you…

pretending, i was better off alone…but i know it’s just a lie..

so afraid of taking my chance afraid of what i feel inside..

coz i need to be next to you………."

……and she smiled and laughed and he gave her a big quick kiss.. it was her song for him…the one she played on his car over and over and over again….the started remembering the part where they met and how each thought of the other..then then they talked about how they almost gave up at the start of their relationship they both were fascinated with…… fast as the kisses were exchanged were the talk on what they felt for each other…..

…she felt love on that moment..and it felt good loving at that moment…that when she wanted a day with him in the movies or walking in malls…a very serious and romantic conversation was far more better….she never expected that something so simple could be really heartwarming….it felt good knowing him and his thoughts, it felt good letting down her guards and unleashing both her contrasting and congruent principles…it felt good knowing that amidst the differences, the desire to complement and meet halfway is magical…

..then at that moment she felt that what she had with him was really different..that it felt good knowing he thinks and does what she desires him to do without even telling him first………..that magic does exist even if you don’t will it

…it seemed an ordinary sunday afternoon..but at that particular moment..that sunday was no ordinary sunday at all…

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