Friday, August 20, 2010

how do you learn to cope up missing someone

           it has always been this challenging for me..not being able to experience everyday life with him..not being able to get upset for something petty, or not getting marveled for something i really appreciate in a day...these does not happened everyday for has always been a scheduled basis...not what i had in mind, but something i have no choice but taking..
          they say our choices have something on the side we should bear up with..that there are sacrifices to being happy ..that there are wished that come with unlikeable perks..this i am beginning to understand..or better yet, i am dealing with again. it's's's nerve wracking...
           but there will always be  2 choices for us to take in every dilemma there us...HOLD ON or LET GO...i believe, what i have is something i never thought possible for me..yes it came with perks like being left for months alone, but after it..all is well again...
           how do you stop missing somebody? distract yourself from makes the days faster...don't think you need someone to be strong, have faith in yourself-- say I AM STRONGER than this... i make my own strength beads and potions and rituals..because i believe, my faith in us is stronger than my immaturity. i am with a wonderful and beautiful person..who brings out the best in me and what i can do..who i know will catch me when i fall but let's me walk on my own..who will take a second breath for me the moment i turn blue..these are my best (and bestest - if such word exist) reasons for taking the first choice.
           when i think this, i stop my emotions from rushing again..lock them possible to one place and place in idle mode (lol!)..i will see him soon..i am not counting the days..i've had this before, this time, it's definitely better...
        how do i answer my own question? i don't know..have no slightest idea at all.

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